Selling A Car – Helpful Hints & Tips

Learn how to get the best return when you sell your car

If you’re not a professional salesperson (or even if you are), trying to navigate the world of selling a car can be quite difficult. There are some easy hints you can follow to make the most of your sales experience, and we’ve compiled them for you!

  • Set your price wisely. Yes you want to get the most cash for your car possible, but setting too high a price tag will deter people before they even have a chance to fall in love with your vehicle. Then again, setting too cheap a price tag can have the averse affect, and cause people to think there is something dodgy about the deal. Your best bet is looking around at other vehicles on the market the same as yours and how much they’re going for, then setting your price based on that. Of course, you should always have a bit of wiggle room for negotiation when you set your price.
  • A lot comes down to the advertisement. Trying to convince someone to part with their hard earned cash in exchange for your car within one small advertisement isn’t the easiest task. Whether you choose to buy a few lines in the Classifieds section of your local newspaper or you take advantage of the digital world, there are a few universal tips for writing an advert to sell your car. The main things to keep into consideration are including all the basic information (think about what you’d want to know without having to search too far to get it), writing in clear, concise language, and being upfront about anything you think might be important for a buyer to know, good or bad. If you have the option to include pictures, always do.
  • Be as helpful as you can. It’s not always plausible to be able to provide a complete historic logbook, but offering what you have is always a big plus in the eye of the shopper. Even if you’ve recently had a service, new tires bought, some maintenance work, or something similar, providing information and a receipt can go a long way in getting that sale over the line.
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